The Builders Code seeks to empower employers to explicitly define and expand their commitment to workforce safety and provide an Acceptable Worksite where every employee can work to their full potential.

The Builders Code launched on Friday March 8, 2019, and is proud to acknowledge hundreds of employers, who have signed the Builders Code Acceptable Worksite Pledge, for their leadership and commitment to building a construction industry that works for everyone.

Join our list of pledge signatories

There are hundreds of employers, including the following, that have signed the Builders Code Pledge.

If you have signed the Builders Code Pledge, and are not listed below, please contact us at theteam@builderscode.ca to add you to this growing list of Builders Code signatories.

Builders Code Signatories

Directory of Builders Code Employers in BC

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(BC) Eco PavingView Website
0176992 BC Ltd.
090 Builders Group Ltd.View Website
0952356 BC Ltd. DBA Wallace Industrial ServicesView Website
1103262 BC Ltd. (Piché Homes)
1129340 BC Ltd. (G&G Design)
1161792 BC Ltd.
1232518 BC Ltd.
1234 Construction Ltd.
1381018 BC Ltd.
1401518 BC Ltd.
1440674 BC Ltd. DBA Terry Flooring
15182778 Canada Ltd.
21 Degrees Mechanical Ltd.View Website
250 Plumber and Rooter Inc.View Website
360 Dream HomesView Website
360 Home RenovationsView Website
3D Electrical ServicesView Website
3rd Generation HomesView Website
49th Parallel Crane and RiggingView Website
4Gen Construction Ltd.View Website
4GK Construction Inc.View Website
4TR Contracting
5th Element Innovation & Manufacturing Ltd.View Website
604 Plumbing Services Ltd.View Website
7 Point Millworks & Installations Ltd.View Website
A Sage Construction
A-1 Drainage Plumbing and HeatingView Website
A.L.M. Electric Inc.View Website
A.W. Kennedy ConstructionView Website
A&H Steel Ltd.View Website
A&T Project DevelopmentsView Website
A2B Forming Inc.View Website
Aarc West Mechanical InsulationView Website
Aarc-West Mechanical Insulation 2013 Inc.View Website
AARO Builders Inc.
ABL Masonry Ltd.View Website
Acadia MechanicalView Website
ACCE Construction Ltd.View Website
Accent Custom Furniture Ltd.View Website
Accent Exteriors Roofing and SupplyView Website
Accessory Island Dwellings (K Williams Builds Ltd.)
Accurate Electric Ltd.View Website
Accutemp Refrigeration Air Conditioning & Heating Ltd.View Website
Ace Electric Ltd.
Ace Instruments Ltd.
Ace Plumbing & Heating (Div of Bricor Mechanical Ltd.)View Website
Acres EnterprisesView Website
ACS Composite Systems Inc.View Website
Action ElectricView Website
Action Heat Pump Services
Action Plumbing & Heating Inc.View Website
Adept Roofing Ltd.View Website
Adera Windows & DoorsView Website
Adisa Homes Ltd.View Website
Admiral RoofingView Website
ADN RefrigerationView Website
Adria Electric Ltd.View Website
Advanced Concept Fire ProtectionView Website
Advanced Electrical Systems Ltd.View Website
Advanced Systems Roofing & Waterproofing Ltd.View Website
Advanco Electric Ltd.View Website
Advantage CraneView Website
AFC ConstructionView Website
AFDE Partnership GPView Website
AFK Services
AFS Construction Ltd.View Website
AGR Solution Ltd.
Aidan Clemens Electrical Contracting LTD.View Website
Aidan Clemens Electrical Contracting Ltd.View Website
Aims Roofing & Sheet Metal Ltd.
Ainsworth Inc.View Website
AIRPLUS Industrial Corp.View Website
Airtec Energy Systems Ltd.View Website
AirVantage Heating & Cooling Ltd.View Website
AJ and Sons Electric
AJG Ventures Inc.
Akras Flooring and Painting
Alabaster HomesView Website
Alair HomesView Website
Alberni Electric Ltd.View Website
Alberni Valley RefrigerationView Website
Alberto Villalobos Construction
Alco Fire Protection Ltd.
Alcon ElectricView Website
Align West Homes Ltd.View Website
All Elements IndustriesView Website
All Mountain ContractingView Website
All Round Home Improvements and Restorations Ltd.View Website
All Set Projects Ltd.View Website
Alliance Electric Ltd.View Website
Allright Sprinklers Ltd.
Allteck Limited PartnershipView Website
Allwest Electric Ltd.View Website
Almeer Saudi Technical Services Co.View Website
Almita PilingView Website
Alouette Mountain Construction Ltd.
Alpha Roofing & Cladding Inc.View Website
Alpine Construction Ltd
Alpine West Systems ElectricalView Website
Alternate Glazing Systems Ltd.View Website
Altrex Plumbing and Heating Ltd.
Altus Glass Inc.View Website
Amandeep Beesla Consulting Ltd.
AME Consulting GroupView Website
Ammeter Electric 1998 IncView Website
AMR Plumbing & Gas Ltd.View Website
Anchor and Sons Plumbing
Anitechs D.B.A – ANI Techs Electric Ltd.
Anton Electrical Services (2011) Inc.View Website
AOK Equipment Ltd.
Apco Glass & Aluminum (2016) Ltd.
Apex Concepts Inc. (Apex Interiors Inc.)View Website
Apex Granite & Tile Inc.View Website
Apex Pneumatics Ltd.View Website
Apex Steel & Gas Ltd.View Website
APG Construction
Apollo Industries Ltd.View Website
Apollo Sheet Metal Ltd.View Website
Aquasure Plumbing & Heating Inc.View Website
Aquatech Vancouver Heating & Air ConditioningView Website
Arakuna Construction Ltd.View Website
Arbutus Coast Construction Inc.
ARC Electric Ltd.View Website
Archie Johnstone Plumbing & HeatingView Website
Ardent Renovations (Arne C. Anderson Ltd.)View Website
Arkay Contracting Ltd.View Website
Armoured Electrical & Fire Safety Ltd.View Website
ArmtecView Website
Aroow Drywall Ltd.
Array Electric Inc.View Website
Arrm Electric Ltd.View Website
Arrow Mountain Electric
Arrowhead Electric Ltd.
Arrowview Electric Inc.
Artistic Mechanicals Plumbing and Heating Ltd.
Aruna Builders
ASCO CratingView Website
Ash Tree Electric Ltd.
Aspect Electrical Services (0956317 B.C. Ltd.)View Website
Associated Sheet MetalView Website
ATCO Two Rivers Lodging Group – Calgary ABView Website
Athecon Projects Inc.View Website
Atlantis Rausch Granite and Marble Installations Ltd.View Website
Atura PowerView Website
AUL Industrial RepairsView Website
Auriat Contracting Ltd.
Aurora Roofing LM Ltd.View Website
Autodesk Inc.View Website
Avelino Borges Stoneworks
Avid Contracting Ltd.View Website
AVL Fuel Cell Canada Inc.View Website
Avril Homes Ltd.
Axiom BuildersView Website
Axis Mountain TechnicalView Website
Azra Painting Ltd.
B Connected Electrical Inc.View Website
B Fair BuildsView Website
B Squared Construction Management
B.A. Harley Wood Construction Ltd.
B.Knox Heating and Cooling Ltd.
BA Blacktop Ltd.View Website
Baff Electrical Ltd.View Website
Baldy Mountain Builders Ltd.
Balzer’s Brushing Inc.View Website
Bang On Carpentry & Labour Hire Ltd.View Website
Banning Electric Inc.
Banyan Group of Companies Ltd.View Website
Barney’s Painting
Barra Construction Management Ltd.View Website
Base Electrical Services Ltd.View Website
Bastion Health & Safety Systems Ltd.View Website
Bates Construction
Baxter Construction Ltd.
Bay De Verde Heritage PremisesView Website
Bayline Construction Ltd.View Website
Baylink Networks Inc.View Website
BC Comfort Air Conditioning Ltd.View Website
BC Hydro (Vancouver)View Website
BC Ministry of Labour – Employers Advisors OfficeView Website
BCCA Employee Benefit Trust (BCCA EBT)View Website
BCCWITT (BC Women in Trades Training)View Website
Beacon Construction Consultants Inc.View Website
Beam Craft Inc.View Website
Bear Electric Ltd.
Beatton River Builders Ltd.
Beatty FloorsView Website
Belle ConstructionView Website
Belltech Electric Ltd.View Website
Bendtin Mechanical Inc.View Website
Bennefield Construction Ltd.View Website
Bercum Builders Inc.View Website
Berry Architecture + AssociatesView Website
Betts ElectricView Website
BI Pure Water (Canada) Inc.View Website
BidCentralView Website
Bidgood Strong Projects Inc. dba Strong PropertiesView Website
Big Coast Builders Ltd
Big Guns Roofing Ltd.View Website
Big Steel BoxView Website
Big Tree Construction Ltd.
Big Tree Electrical Ltd.View Website
Bird ConstructionView Website
Bissett Electrical Services
Black & McDonald Ltd.View Website
Black Birch Contracting Inc.View Website
Black Box Electric Ltd.View Website
Blackfish Homes Ltd.View Website
Blackhawk Contracting & Design Ltd.View Website
Blue Anvil Labour Leasing ServicesView Website
Blue Buffalo Construction Ltd.View Website
Blue Collar GroupView Website
Blue Collar Ltd.View Website
Blue Mountain Mechanical Ltd.
Blue Spruce Electric Inc.View Website
Blue Valley Mechanical Ltd
Blueline ContractingView Website
Blutek Solutions Ltd.View Website
BM Group InternationalView Website
Boehm Construction Ltd.View Website
Boon Bros. Construction Ltd.
Boreas EnterprisesView Website
Bos Electrical Services Team Ltd.View Website
Bosa ConstructionView Website
Bower Builders Ltd.View Website
Bowerman Construction Ltd.
Bowline Construction Inc.View Website
Bragg Construction Ltd.View Website
Brass Peak Plumbing and Heating Ltd.View Website
Breakwater-ElectricView Website
Brenmack Electric Ltd.
Brent Jansen Plumbing & Heating Ltd.View Website
Brentwood College Association (Brentwood College School)View Website
Bricklok Surfacing & LandscapeView Website
Bridgestone Financing ProsView Website
British Columbia Construction AssociationView Website
British Columbia Construction RoundtableView Website
British Columbia Institute of TechnologyView Website
Broadwater Industries (2011) Ltd.View Website
Broadway Drywall Distribution Ltd.View Website
Broadway RefrigerationView Website
Brock White Construction MaterialsView Website
Bromac Mechanical Ltd.View Website
Brown Mechanical Services Ltd.View Website
Brownsey Electric Ltd.
Broyce Mechanical Ltd.View Website
Bryans Mechanical Ltd.View Website
Bryant Electric Ltd.View Website
BTN Excavating Ltd.View Website
BTR Fire Protection Ltd.
Bucci DevelopmentsView Website
Buck Robertson Contracting Ltd.View Website
Bugoy’s Plumbing and Gas
Build Wright ConstructionView Website
BuildBaseView Website
Builders Life Talent CentralView Website
Building BuildersView Website
BuildSmartrView Website
Built Contracting Inc.View Website
Burrard Green City Builders Inc. (DBA Salt Spring Village Builders)View Website
Burrard Roofing & Drainage Inc.View Website
Burton Bronze Foundry Ltd.View Website
Butler Wilson Quality Construction Ltd.View Website
Butterfly World CoombsView Website
BV Electric (BVE) Ltd.View Website
C. Cranes Inc.
C2 ImagingView Website
CA Coastal Construction Ltd.
Cadam Construction (Curtis Adam & Tiffany Adam)View Website
Cal Pro Electrical Ltd.View Website
Caliber ProjectsView Website
Caliber Sport SystemsView Website
Calibre Mechanical Ltd.
Caljouw ContractingView Website
Canada’s Log PeopleView Website
Canadian Construction WomenView Website
Canadian Home Builders Association South OkanaganView Website
Canadian Industrial Pumps Ltd.View Website
Canadian Turner Construction Company Ltd.View Website
Canbridge Construction Services Ltd.
CanCADD Imaging Solutions Inc.View Website
Candragon Enterprises Inc.
CanHill Management Ltd.
Canhome Buildings Ltd.
Cannon Electrical Corporation
CanPro Construction Ltd.View Website
Canstar Mechanical Ltd.View Website
Canucks Electric Inc.View Website
CanWest CabinetryView Website
Capital Grid Services Corp.View Website
Capri CMWView Website
Care Systems Services Ltd.View Website
Cariboo Central Rail Contracting Ltd.View Website
Carlson Construction Group Inc.View Website
Caron Contracting
Carson Metal & HVACView Website
Carver Construction Ltd.View Website
Cascadia West Contracting Ltd.View Website
Cascara ConstructionView Website
Cashmere Concrete Ltd.View Website
Castellarin Construction
Catalyst Glass and Aluminum Ltd.
Catalyst Mechanical Inc.
Cavetto Carpentry (Nicholas David Black)View Website
Celtic Contractors Ltd.
Centra Construction GroupView Website
Central Interior Piping & MaintenanceView Website
Central Island Powerline Ltd.
Centrigrade Mechanical Ltd.View Website
Centurion Contracting Ltd.View Website
Century Lane Kitchens Inc.
CGB Contracting Ltd.
CGIView Website
Chahal Electric Ltd.
Champion Home Builders (Sri Homes)View Website
Chandos Construction – KelownaView Website
Chase Contracting Ltd.
Chase Gamble Homes Inc.View Website
CHBA Central OkanaganView Website
CHBA South OkanaganView Website
CheckMate Fire Prevention Inc.View Website
Chew ExcavatingView Website
Chic Home Concept Inc.View Website
Chilliwack Roofing Ltd.View Website
Chinook Scaffold Systems Ltd. (Southern Interior)View Website
Chioma Hospital
Christman Plumbing & Heating (CHP) Ltd.View Website
Ciat-Land DrywallView Website
CIF Construction Ltd.
Cima Construction Ltd.View Website
Cima Plumbing & HeatingView Website
CIR Mechanical Ltd.View Website
Citadel Roofing & Building MaintenanceView Website
Citizen Design Build Inc.View Website
City Lights Electrical Ltd.
City of CastlegarView Website
City of KelownaView Website
City of PentictonView Website
City of West KelownaView Website
City Projects Ltd.View Website
City Spark Electrical Ltd.View Website
Citycare Painting Ltd.
CLACView Website
Clairmont Mechanical Contracting Inc.View Website
Clear Olson Plumbing
Clearly Plumbing and Drainage (Urban Environmental)View Website
ClimaChange Solutions Inc.View Website
Climatec Mechanical Inc.View Website
Clintco Construction Ltd.
Clover Valley Plumbing Ltd.
Cluculz ContractingView Website
CMAWView Website
CMR Electric Ltd.View Website
CMW Contracting Ltd.
CN Architectural Millwork and Construction Inc.View Website
CNA Electric Ltd.View Website
Coast CabinetsView Website
Coast Capital Savings – Douglas St. Victoria BranchView Website
Coast Catalyst ConstructionView Website
Coast Essential Construction Ltd.View Website
Coast Gas Services Ltd.
Coast Mountain Refrigeration and GasView Website
Coast to Coast Mechanical Ltd.View Website
Coast-View Technical Services Ltd.View Website
Coastal Concrete (0973147 BC Ltd.)
Coastal Craftsman (Thomas Dickau)
Coastal Drain Cleaning Services Ltd.
Coastal Electrical Systems Ltd.View Website
Coastal Mountain Excavations Ltd.View Website
Coastal-Flo Plumbing & Heating Ltd.
Coastland Wood Industries Ltd.View Website
Cobalt RefrigerationView Website
Coe & Company Electric Ltd.View Website
Colas Group – DGS Astro PavingView Website
ColdFront Industries Ltd.View Website
Cole’s Gas Services (CW227 Holdings Ltd.)View Website
College of New CaledoniaView Website
College of the North AtlanticView Website
Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICAN)View Website
Collin’s ElectricView Website
Colonial Railings 2017 Ltd.View Website
Colt’s Nursery Inc.View Website
Columbia Electrical Contracting Ltd.View Website
Combined Comfort SystemsView Website
Combined Mechanical Contractors Ltd.
Community Fire Prevention Ltd.View Website
Compass ElectricView Website
Competition GlassView Website
Competition HVAC Inc.View Website
Complete Power Systems Ltd.View Website
Concept Plumbing & Gas Ltd.View Website
Concept Refrigeration
Concrete BCView Website
Connected Valley Electrical Ltd.View Website
Construction Project Photographer V
Contemporary Aluminum Railings Ltd.View Website
Contemporary Office InteriorsView Website
Continental RoofingView Website
Control Tech Ltd.View Website
Cool Comfort SolutionsView Website
Cool Heat TechnologiesView Website
Copper Mountain Custom Metals Inc.View Website
Copperhead Exteriors Inc.
Coquitlam Insulation Ltd.View Website
Core Mechanical Ltd.View Website
Core Personal Training & Gym (Trent Radcliffe Construction Ltd.)
Corecraft Construction Ltd.View Website
Cornerstone General Contracting Ltd
Corrcoat Services Inc.View Website
Corwest BuildersView Website
Cosgrave DevelopmentsView Website
Cottonwood Electrical
Couver Construction Ltd.
Cowichan Valley Mechanical
Cowichan Woodwork Ltd.View Website
Craftsman Masonry
Craig Emery Barnes dba Craig Barnes Custom Homes
CRD Mines
Creekside Fire Protecton Ltd.View Website
CrossRange Developments Ltd.View Website
Crowe MacKay LLP – Kelowna BranchView Website
Crown Isle Homes Ltd.View Website
Crown Packaging (Crown Corrugated Company/Crown Paper Group)View Website
Crown RoofingView Website
Crux Mechanical Ltd.View Website
Crystalline Plumbing and Heating Ltd.
CSC Current Solution Contracting Inc.
CSD Mechanical Ltd.View Website
CSM Electric Ltd.
Current Millwork (2012) Ltd.View Website
Currie Creek Electric Ltd.
Customline Homes Ltd.View Website
Cutting Edge Consulting Inc.View Website
Cyrus Landscape Services Ltd.View Website
D & D Trading Ltd. DBA InterioMasters
D John Gas Ltd.View Website
D-LUXE Plumbing & HeatingView Website
D.G.S. Construction Company Ltd.View Website
Da Costa Plumbing & Heating Ltd.View Website
Dae Haus Creative
Daiku Construction
Dakwakada Capital Investments LPView Website
Dan Aune Plumbing & HeatingView Website
Dancing Bee Gardens (Emily Wagner)
Danco Roofing Ltd.
Dark Ark Welding Inc.View Website
Darrin’s RenosView Website
Dasco Electric Ltd.View Website
Dasmesh Punjabi SchoolView Website
Datoff Bros Construction Ltd.View Website
Davidson Bros. Mechanical Ltd.View Website
Davies Designs
Day One Projects
DCS Services Inc. (BC Roof Inspections)
De-Moss DoctorView Website
Decks by Greg DBG Ltd.View Website
Dekoff Developments Inc.
Dekor Glass (1996) Ltd.View Website
Delight Painting Ltd.
Delta School DistrictView Website
Delta Secondary SchoolView Website
Delta TriTec Group Ltd.View Website
DenbowView Website
DenMar Electric Ltd.View Website
DES Construction
Design RoofingView Website
DesJardins Contracting Ltd.View Website
Det’on Cho Management LP (DCM)View Website
DHC Communications Inc.View Website
Dhillons Gas Ltd.
Diamond Team Contracting B.C Ltd.
Dick’s Lumber & Building SuppliesView Website
Diewold Homes & Design
Diggin’ It ExcavatingView Website
Direct Heat Ltd.View Website
Dispatch PlumbingView Website
District Plumbing Ltd.
DIV1 ProjectsView Website
Dixon Heating & Sheet Metal Ltd.View Website
DM Henderson Roofing Ltd.View Website
DMR HorticultureView Website
DMS Mechanical Ltd.View Website
Dominion Electric Ltd.
Don Mann Excavating Ltd.View Website
Donald Flooring Contract Sales, LTDView Website
Done Right Painting and Sandblasting Ltd.View Website
Door SystemsView Website
Double L Electric Ltd.View Website
Douglas Grant Cabinetmakers Inc.View Website
Douglas Lake Custom Homes (DLCH)View Website
Douglas Lake Equipment
Down to Earth Gardening Inc.View Website
Downtown Electric Corp.
DP Plumbing & Gas Ltd.View Website
Draft Mechanical
Dragon Developments
Dream House & Kitchen Interiors (Mzaki Kaiyali D.B.A.)View Website
Dreamscape Painting Ltd.View Website
Drew Team Painting Inc.
Drewry Electrical Ltd.View Website
Driving ForceView Website
Drystar Wall and Ceiling Ltd.View Website
Dual Mechanical Ltd.View Website
Ductworks Heating and Air Conditioning Ltd.View Website
Duncan Iron WorksView Website
Durfeld Construction Ltd.View Website
Durwest ConstructionView Website
Duz Cho Group of CompaniesView Website
Dylan Conrad ContractingView Website
DylCor Construction Ltd.
Dynamic EdgeView Website
Dynamic Mechanical Ltd.View Website
Dynamic Plumbing & Heating Inc.
Dynamic Tile & Stone Ltd.View Website
E&E Tiling (Elisha Dyck)
Eagle HomesView Website
Eagle West CranesView Website
EBX Masonry Ltd.
Eckert Electric Ltd.View Website
Eco Roofing Ltd.
Ecora Engineering & Resource Group Ltd.View Website
Edge Grain Enterprises
Edge Roofing Ltd.View Website
Edgewood Elementary SchoolView Website
Electrical Contractors Association of BCView Website
Elemental Industries Inc.View Website
Elevated Concrete Ltd.
Elevated HVAC & Gasfitting Ltd.View Website
Elgin Park Career CentreView Website
Elite Fire Protection Ltd.View Website
Elite Pacific Homes Ltd.View Website
Elite Technologies Inc.
Elk River Mountain HomesView Website
Ellis CabinetsView Website
Ellis DonView Website
Elmsworth Construction Ltd.View Website
Emberton ElectricalView Website
Emil Anderson ConstructionView Website
Emry FormworksView Website
EMTEC Environmental
Encore® (Formerly PSVA)View Website
Enerpro Systems Corp.View Website
Enersolv Design & BuildView Website
Enertec Electrical Services Ltd.
Engel Electric Ltd.View Website
Enhanced Connections Ltd. (Kurtis Electric)
Enterprise Rent-A-CarView Website
Epic Electric Ltd.View Website
Epscan Industries Ltd.View Website
Equity Plumbing & Heating Ltd.View Website
Erickson Roofing Ltd.View Website
Escape Fire Protection Ltd.View Website
Eshel Construction Ltd.
ESM Digitek Systems (DBA VI Electric)
ESR Electric Ltd.
Ethical Environmental ConsultingView Website
Ethos Plumbing & Heating Ltd.View Website
ETRO ConstructionView Website
Eurodale Developments IncView Website
Evans Fire Protection Ltd.
Evergreen Climate Solutions Inc.View Website
Everton Ridge Homes Ltd.View Website
EverWest Electric Ltd.View Website
Ex-cel Acoustics Ltd.View Website
Excalibur Electric Ltd.View Website
Excel PaintingView Website
Executive Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Ltd.View Website
Express Custom Trailer Mfg. Inc.View Website
Extek Construction Ltd.View Website
Fairley Electric Ltd.View Website
Faithful Construction Ltd.View Website
Falcon EngineeringView Website
Fast Track Appliance Ltd.View Website
FBM Plumbing & Heating Ltd.View Website
Fenestration Association of BCView Website
Fēnix EnergyView Website
Fernie Floor & Wall Coverings Ltd.View Website
Fictorie Construction Management Ltd.
Fina Development Group Ltd.View Website
Finely Tuned TechnologiesView Website
Finepoint Electric Ltd.View Website
Finished. Construction Ltd.View Website
Finning Canada IncView Website
Fiorentino Bros.View Website
Fire Busters Inc.View Website
Fireplaces Unlimited (Fastgo Systems)View Website
First District Mechanical Group Ltd.View Website
First General Services of Vancouver IslandView Website
First On Site RestorationView Website
First Peak Plumbing
First Peoples Development Inc.View Website
First Response Glass Ltd.View Website
Fisk Construction Inc.View Website
Fjord Contracting Inc.
Flair Express Inc.View Website
Flex Electric SystemsView Website
Flynn Canada (Kelowna)View Website
Flynn Canada (Victoria)View Website
FOE Creative Inc.View Website
Force Construction Inc. (Spire Development Corp.)View Website
Force MechanicalView Website
Forsyth Farms Ltd.View Website
Fort ModularView Website
Fossil Landscape ConstructionView Website
Foster Heating & CoolingView Website
Four Lakes Mechanical Ltd.View Website
Fourth Pig Green & Natural ConstructionView Website
Fox Blocks True GridView Website
Fraser Crossing Constructors GP
Fraser Ridge Construction Ltd.
Fraser River Middle SchoolView Website
Fraser Valley RefrigerationView Website
Fraser West Electric Ltd.View Website
Freedom Carpentry
Freeport Industries Ltd.View Website
Frosty Northwest Mechanical Ltd.
FSJ Quality Electric Ltd.View Website
Fuhrious Construction Ltd.View Website
G Sparrow Construction Ltd
G-Force Safety Solutions Inc.View Website
G&G Roofing Ltd.View Website
G&T RoofingView Website
GableCraft Homes
Gallagher Bros Contractors (GB Ltd)View Website
Gallagher Enterprises Inc.View Website
Gandy InstallationsView Website
Garibaldi Electrical Contractors Ltd.View Website
Gateway Mechanical Svcs.View Website
GB GroupView Website
Gemini 525 Contracting Ltd.
Gemira Painting Ltd.
Genesis Building ControlsView Website
Genesis Fire Protection Ltd.View Website
Geo-Foundations Contractors Inc.View Website
George Brown CollegeView Website
Georgia Mechanical SystemsView Website
GeoScan Subsurface SurveysView Website
Geotech Drilling Services Ltd.View Website
Gerry Ens Contracting Ltd.View Website
Gideon PlumbingView Website
GL 16 Construction Ltd.View Website
Glass CanadaView Website
Glen Stewart Prevost DBA Prevost Built
Glen Stewart Welding (Grunt Bear Welding)
GMaster Forming Inc
Goff Energy
Golden Ears Heating and CoolingView Website
Golden Electrical Contracting Ltd.View Website
Golden Rule Roofing (1079539 BC Ltd.)View Website
Goodman Plumbing Ltd.
Gordon’N’Gordon Interiors Ltd.View Website
Gott Energy Ltd.View Website
GovanBrown Construction ManagersView Website
GPH Mechanical Ltd.View Website
GrahamView Website
Grandview TilesView Website
Grant Healey Construction Inc.
GRC Columbia Roofing Inc.View Website
GRC Company (Gavin Christian Rogers)
Great Catch Electric Ltd.View Website
Great West EquipmentView Website
Great West Welding & Fabrication Ltd.
Greater Victoria Housing SocietyView Website
Green Acres Ventures
Green Breeze Heating and Cooling Ltd.View Website
Green Coast Heat Pumps Inc.View Website
Green Emerald ConstructionView Website
Green Island BuildersView Website
Green Paint
Greenscape Design & DecorView Website
Greenway Plumbing and Heating
Greenwest Electric Ltd.View Website
Gregg Electric Ltd.View Website
Greyback ConstructionView Website
Grizzly Plumbing and Heating Ltd.
GRM Sealants & CoatingsView Website
GSP Services Ltd.View Website
GU Construction Ltd.
Guardian GlassView Website
Guardian Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.View Website
Gulf Island SeaplanesView Website
Gulf Islands Irrigation (SD64) – Nowell Ent. Ltd.View Website
GWS Construction Ltd.
H.I. Mechanical Inc.View Website
H&R Exterior Finish Ltd.View Website
H2X Contracting Ltd.View Website
Habberjam Mechanical Inc.View Website
Habetin Homes Ltd.View Website
HAKAI Energy SolutionsView Website
Hakan Tile & Flooring Ltd.View Website
Hall ConstructorsView Website
Halox Electric
Halse-Martin ConstructionView Website
Hamill Creek Timber HomesView Website
Hancon ConstructionView Website
Hands On Contracting
Hanington Painting Inc.View Website
Hapa Construction Ltd.View Website
Harbour City ElectricalView Website
Harbour City Plumbing & Gas Ltd.View Website
Harbour Kitchens & MillworkView Website
Harbourview Electric Ltd.View Website
Hardy Mechanical Services Ltd.View Website
Harris Rebar KelownaView Website
Harrison Industrial Cont.View Website
Harrison Marketing ResourcesView Website
Hart Iron & Machine Ltd.View Website
Hart Tipton Construction (HTC)View Website
Hartman Business Machines Ltd.View Website
Hashtag Plumbing Inc.View Website
Hauzer Plumbing & Heating Ltd.View Website
Heart & Harmony Coaching and ConsultingView Website
Heather & Little Ltd.View Website
Heatherbrae Builders Co. Ltd.View Website
Hegge Construction Ltd.View Website
Hegyi Refrigeration & Mechanical Ltd.View Website
Heidelberg MaterialsView Website
Heirloom Projects Ltd.View Website
Hemo Demolition Ltd.View Website
Henderson Decks and Fences
Henderson-Edwards Dev. Ltd.
Henneberry Electrical Contractors Ltd.View Website
Heritage Collective Ltd.
Heritage House Gifts & AwardsView Website
Heritage MasonryView Website
Heritage Mountain Heating & Cooling Inc.View Website
HEXA Engineering Inc.View Website
HFN Timber Tiles LPView Website
High Definition Roofing Ltd.View Website
High End Plumbing & Heating Ltd.
High Point Electric Ltd.View Website
High Road Excavating Ltd.View Website
Highliner Construction Ltd.View Website
HighStreet Ventures Inc.View Website
Hillel Architecture Inc.View Website
Hindsight Mechanical (1197937 BC Ltd.)
Hiva Construction Ltd.
HKR BuildersView Website
HMH ProjectsView Website
Holz Industries Inc.View Website
Home In The Sticks Construction Ltd.
Hometown Heating & Cooling Ltd.View Website
Horizon Contracting GroupView Website
Horizon Electric Inc.View Website
Horizon NorthView Website
Houle Electric (HQ)View Website
Houle Electric (Victoria)View Website
Houle Electric Ltd. (Southern Interior)View Website
Howell Electric Ltd.View Website
HP Adhesives Ltd.View Website
HS Masonry Inc.View Website
HUB International Insurance BrokersView Website
Huckleberry Finishing
Hudson Pacific PropertiesView Website
Hudson Service GroupView Website
Hunter Glass & Aluminum Ltd. – KelownaView Website
Hunterbilt Industries Ltd.View Website
HVAC Strong Mechanical Ltd.View Website
IBEX Construction Ltd.
IC Expert Paining Ltd.View Website
Icon Developments Ltd.View Website
IDL Projects Inc.View Website
IHM Mechanical Ltd. (The Arcticom Group)View Website
Image Electric Ltd.View Website
Imperial Building ProductsView Website
Imperial Oil Resources LimitedView Website
Imperial Sign CorporationView Website
Imperial Welding Ltd.View Website
Impetus Plumbing and Heating Ltd.View Website
Incircle Business Development Inc.
Incircle Service Group Inc.View Website
Innascore Developments Inc.View Website
INNOV8 Group Construction Inc.View Website
Inside Job ConsultingView Website
Insight Automation InternationalView Website
Insulwest Building Materials Ltd.View Website
Integral Design Ltd.View Website
Inter-Valley ElectricView Website
Interactive ElectricalView Website
Interior Elite Contracting Ltd.View Website
Interior Plumbing & Heating Ltd.View Website
Interior Roofing Ltd.View Website
Iron River Mechanical Ltd.
Ironclad Installations Inc.View Website
Ishoni Development Group Inc.
Island AeroBarrierView Website
Island Architechtural Millwork (IA Millwork)View Website
Island Business Print Group Ltd.View Website
Island Heights Construction Ltd.View Website
Island Installation Inc. – Kelowna
Island Legacy Construction Ltd.View Website
Island Marine Construction Services Ltd.View Website
Island Precision
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Primus ElectricView Website
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Procore Technologies Inc.View Website
Professional Mechanical Ltd.View Website
Progrus Constructors Inc.View Website
Proline Cabinet and Millwork
Pronex Air Systems Inc.View Website
PROnick Contracting (Robert Allen Pronick)
Proper Plumbing & Heating Ltd.View Website
Proper Roofing Ltd.
Protec Installations GroupView Website
Protek Electrical Installations
PS Flooring & Tiling
PS Handyman & Design (1360585 B.C. Ltd.)View Website
PSV Painting Ltd.
Ptarmigan ProjectsView Website
PTC Protrades Commercial Interiors Inc.
PTRS Painting Ltd.View Website
QB Electric Ltd.
Qualis BuildersView Website
Quality Control Council of CanadaView Website
Quality Plus Home Services Inc.View Website
Qualityzone Construction Corp.
Quantum Lighting Inc.View Website
Quantum Mechanical SystemsView Website
Quantus Electric Ltd.View Website
QuicklyView Website
Quolus Construction Services Ltd.View Website
R. Tess Contracting Ltd.
Radian Mechanical Inc.View Website
Raico Contracting Ltd.
Ralmax Group of CompaniesView Website
Ram ConsultingView Website
RAM Mechanical Ltd.View Website
Ramco Floor & TileView Website
Range Kincade Contracting Ltd.View Website
Rannala Freeborn Construction Ltd.View Website
Raven Roofing Ltd.View Website
RavenStone Construction Ltd.View Website
Raymond Electrical Solutions Ltd.View Website
RC Roofing Ltd.View Website
RCABCView Website
RCAMView Website
Re-Charge Electrical Solutions Inc.View Website
Realtech Fire Protection Ltd.View Website
Rechsteiner Construction Ltd.View Website
Red Fox Air ConditioningView Website
Red Leaf Mechanical Ltd. (1138582 BC Ltd.)View Website
Red Raven Hydraulics Inc.View Website
Red Seal Electric Ltd.View Website
Redfly Construction Ltd.
Redline Contracting Ltd.View Website
Redline Glass Ltd.View Website
Refined HVAC Ltd.View Website
Refresh Home Renovations Ltd.View Website
Regional One Management Ltd.View Website
Reid Brothers Plumbing & Heating Ltd.View Website
Reimagine Work HR
Reliable ElectricView Website
Reltek Industries Inc.View Website
Rely ConstructionView Website
REMM Solutions Inc.
Renaissance ProjectsView Website
Rep-Air Heating and CoolingView Website
Retro Specialty ContractorsView Website
Retrospec Contracting and Renovations Ltd.
Revelstoke Electric Inc.View Website
Revival Renovations
RF Klein & Sons Ltd.View Website
RGP Industries
RH Jones & Sons Mechanical Ltd.View Website
Rhoca Electrical
RichBuilt HomesView Website
Ridge Sheet MetalView Website
Ridgeline RoofingView Website
Riemann Painting (2003) Inc.View Website
Rimu Electric Ltd.
Riptide Marine Sales Ltd.View Website
River City Woodworks Ltd.View Website
River Roofing & Custom Design Ltd.View Website
Rivers Edge Contracting (1202474 BC Ltd.)View Website
Riverside Energy SystemsView Website
Rize Stairs (0748853 B.C. Ltd.)View Website
RJS Electrical Contracting Ltd.View Website
RL 7 Mechanical Ltd.View Website
RMS Heating & Cooling Ltd.
RMS Industrial Maintenance Ltd.View Website
Robinson Masonry Ltd.View Website
Robson Design Build Ltd.View Website
Roc-Star Enterprises Ltd.View Website
Rocky Demolition & Asbestos RemovalView Website
Rocky Mountain Refrigeration Ltd.View Website
Rocky Point Commercial HVAC Inc.
Rogers Trucking & Landscaping (1110458 B.C. Ltd.)View Website
Rokstad Power (2018) Ltd.View Website
Rolling Tides Construction Inc.View Website
Roofing Contractors Association of ManitobaView Website
ROV Consulting Inc.View Website
Royal Bank of Canada – Prince George
Royalty Projects Ltd.View Website
RS Line ConstructionView Website
RSD Painting Ltd.View Website
RSIC – Reinforcing Steel Institute of CanadaView Website
Rupert Wood’N Steel Construction Ltd.View Website
Rutland GlassView Website
Ruuben Ventures Inc.
RWC Systems Inc.View Website
Ryder ArchitectureView Website
Rymar Pro Builders Ltd.View Website
RZX Construction
S.A. Home Comfort Centre Ltd.
SAL Enterprises Ltd.
Salah Electric
Sale Construction
Salmon Construction
Salt Spring Island Tiny HomesView Website
Salty BuildersView Website
Salus ProView Website
Sam Brothers Plumbing and Heating Ltd.
Sami Engineers and Development Ltd.
Samyar Logistics Inc.
Sandlas Homes Inc.
Sarsons Mechanical Services Ltd.View Website
Sasco Contractors Ltd.View Website
Sasen Homes (Sasen Design and Development Inc.)View Website
Saulteau Safety and SecurityView Website
Saundersons Electric Ltd.View Website
Save-On Insulation Ltd.
Sawled Construction Inc.View Website
Saxon Mechanical Ltd.View Website
Scansa Construction Ltd.View Website
Schédio Spaces Inc.View Website
Schluter Systems (Canada) Inc.View Website
Schwager Homes Inc.
Scott ConstructionView Website
Scouten EngineeringView Website
SCWISTView Website
Sea-Way Electric Inc.
Seabrook Electrical Services Ltd.View Website
Searex Lead Trades Ltd.
Searrex Commercial Painting
Seaspan ShipyardsView Website
Secure-Rite Mobile Storage Inc.View Website
Seffzig Bros. Contracting Ltd.View Website
Seguin MorrisView Website
Semiahmoo Glass Ltd.View Website
Sentinel Electric Ltd.
Serpentine Building Solutions Inc.View Website
Service On SiteView Website
Service Plus Plumbing & Heating (644259 BC LTS)View Website
ServiceXcel (Canadian HVAC Service Experts Inc. DBA)View Website
SERVPRO of KelownaView Website
SERVPRO of North VancouverView Website
SetSquare Construction Ltd.
Seylers Electric Ltd.
SG Built
Shane Murray Contracting Ltd.View Website
Shear Metal and Siding
Sheet Metal, Roofers & Production Workers – Local 280View Website
Shelter Ridge Build and Design Inc.View Website
Shen Plumbing (Kevin Shen)
Shepherd Electric
Shields Industrial Services (2004) Ltd.View Website
Shift Energy Group Inc.View Website
Shining Knight ConstructionView Website
Shoreside Electric Ltd. D.B.A Shoreline Electric
Shorncliffe Construction Ltd.
Shurkandoo Carpentry Corp.
SICA (Southern Interior Construction Association)View Website
SidingCraft Exterior Systems Ltd.View Website
Siegfried Plumbing and GasView Website
Sierra Landscaping
Signature West Floor & Window Fashions Inc.View Website
Signia Construction Ltd.View Website
Silver Fern Stainless Ltd.View Website
Silver Peak Developments Ltd.
Simply Perfect Homes – Simply PaintingView Website
Sinsin Landscaping Ltd.
SkilledTradesBC (Formerly: Industry Training Authority – ITA)View Website
SkillPlanView Website
Skilltech BuildersView Website
Skwlax Resource ManagementView Website
SkyFire EnergyView Website
Skyridge Electric Ltd.
SL Safety Solutions – TBD
Slocan Valley Electric Ltd.
Small and Tall Mechanical Ltd.View Website
Small Planet Energy Inc.View Website
Smallworks Ltd.View Website
SmartSite Inc.View Website
Smith and Sons Developments Inc.
Smith Sheet Metal Works Ltd.View Website
Sol Sustainable
Solitude ServicesView Website
Solos EnergyView Website
Sommer Electric Ltd.
Sonic Steel Ltd.View Website
SOS Plumbing & Heating Ltd.
South Otter Electric Ltd.
South Pier Frameworks Ltd.
South West Ventures Inc.
Southern MechanicalView Website
Southgate Electric Ltd.View Website
Sparkles Electric Inc.View Website
Spectrum ElectricView Website
Spectrum Painting & Restorations Ltd.View Website
Sphere 1 Logistics Inc.View Website
Spirit of the North Healthcare FoundationView Website
Splinters Millworks Inc.View Website
Springridge ConstructionView Website
Square and Level Contracting Ltd.View Website
Squire Plumbing Ltd.View Website
STA Building TechView Website
Stand Sure Electric Ltd.View Website
Star Pipe Canada Inc.View Website
Star West Petroleum Ltd.View Website
Starmaker Custom Welding and Fabrication Ltd.View Website
Startup HVAC Solutions Inc.
Stattonrock Construction Ltd.View Website
Steele Electric (2001) Ltd.View Website
Steelhead Electric Ltd.View Website
STEP – Skilled Trades Employment ProgramView Website
Sterling CraneView Website
Steve Wadhera Personal Real Estate Corp.
Stevens Safety SolutionsView Website
Stillwater Design BuildView Website
Stint Construction Ltd.View Website
Stokes Heating & CoolingView Website
Stone Pacific Contracting Ltd.View Website
Stonehaus Realty (Chiabouri Construction Ltd.)
Story Construction Ltd.View Website
Stout and Maverick Construction (Michael Scott Cormie)
Strain Landscapes Ltd.View Website
Stretch ConstructionView Website
Stuccon Walls Contracting Ltd
Sub Zero Heating & Cooling Ltd.View Website
Sullivan MechanicalView Website
Summit (SMS) Mechanical Systems Ltd.
Summit Custom Carpentry
Summit EarthworksView Website
Summit Fire Protection Ltd.
Summit Wood Products
Sun Valley Electric Ltd.View Website
Sunco DrywallView Website
Sunny Coast Electric Ltd.View Website
Sunrise KitchensView Website
Sunwood Holdings Ltd.View Website
Superior Standards Mechanical
Surepoint Technologies Group Ltd.View Website
Swiftco Cars Construction Inc.
SWR Drain Service Ltd.View Website
Sy Teh Engineering Ltd.View Website
Syber Concrete Forming Ltd.View Website
Sylvan Home BuildersView Website
Synergy Mechanical Inc.View Website
T. Burley Contracting Ltd.View Website
T. Nesbitt Contracting
T. Sept Plumbing & Heating Ltd.View Website
Tabataba Renovations Inc.
Tailgate ToolkitView Website
Takla First NationView Website
Tantalus Floors Ltd.View Website
Tap Roots Plumbing & Heating Ltd.View Website
Tarby ContractingView Website
Taylor Metals Ltd.View Website
Taylormade Landscapes Ltd.View Website
TCB Power & Controls Ltd.View Website
TDR Electric Inc.View Website
Team Construction Management Ltd.View Website
Team GlassView Website
TEBO Group (TEBO Mill Installation Inc.)View Website
Technicon Industries Ltd.View Website
Teck Resources Ltd.View Website
Teddy Lemmen Contracting
Tek Climate Heating & Air ConditioningView Website
Tekka DrywallView Website
Teklar Electrical (Teklar Enterprises Ltd.)View Website
Tekoony Flooring Ltd.
Tempel Electric (Andrew Bert Tempel)
Temprite Climate SolutionsView Website
Temptech Mechanical Ltd.
Terry Thiesen ContractingView Website
Tex Electric Ltd.View Website
The Chapman Building Company
The Electric Firm Inc.
The Gisborne GroupView Website
The Green Man Landscape Services (Jeffrey Joseph Sakari)View Website
The Home Depot – KelownaView Website
The Lokhorst Group Ventures Inc.View Website
The Silent Gardener Ltd.View Website
The Steel Guys Fabricating Ltd.
The Tarcott GroupView Website
The Wet Paint Co. Ltd.View Website
Thermotec Mechanical Ltd.View Website
Thibs Contracting
Thompson Rivers PlumbingView Website
Thompson Rivers University – TRUView Website
Thompson Valley GlassView Website
Thrive ElectrifyView Website
Thrive Landscapes Ltd.View Website
Tidal Mechanical Ltd.View Website
Tight 5 Contracting Ltd.View Website
Tillicum Electric & Controls Ltd.
Timber Plumbing & Heating Ltd.View Website
Timber Ridge Carpentry
Timberock Forming Ltd.
Timberrock Builders Inc.View Website
Timberstone Construction Ltd.View Website
Timelyne Electrical Services Inc.View Website
Timmerman Construction
Tino Mechanical Ltd.View Website
Tip Top Trees Ltd.View Website
Titan Fire Protection Ltd.View Website
TKI ConstructionView Website
TM Builders Inc.View Website
Tomco Group of CompaniesView Website
Toolspodcast.comView Website
Top Line Roofing Ltd.View Website
Total BC Plumbing and HeatingView Website
Total Ground EffectsView Website
Total Power – Part of TPGS GroupView Website
Totten Welding & Fabricating
Towne Millwork Ltd.View Website
TownlineView Website
TQ Insulators Ltd.View Website
Tracer Electric Inc.View Website
Trades Labour Corporation VictoriaView Website
Tradetec Mechanical Ltd.
Trane Canada (West) – KelownaView Website
Trans Mountain (Pipeline)View Website
TransCanada Coastal GasLinkView Website
Transcendent Tile Ltd.
Transformations Landscaping Ltd.View Website
Transparent Glazing Systems Ltd.View Website
Transwest Roofing Ltd.View Website
Tri West Mechanical Ltd.
Tricastle Plumbing
Trico Electric
Trident ElectricView Website
Trident Manufacturing Ltd.View Website
Trident Projects LtdView Website
Triple E Mechanical Ltd.View Website
Tritech Group Ltd.View Website
Triton Heating and CoolingView Website
Trotter & MortonView Website
True Light Building & DevelopmentView Website
True Line Contracting Ltd.View Website
True MechanicalView Website
True North Millwright ServicesView Website
True North Roofing
Trueline Power & Consulting Ltd.View Website
Tsawwassen Electric Inc.
TSC Building Company
Tsilhqot’in National GovernmentView Website
Tuff Times BrewingView Website
Turner Bros. Contractors Ltd.View Website
Turner ConstructionView Website
Turney CarpentryView Website
Twigg TransformationsView Website
Twin Anchors Manufacturing (2004) Ltd.View Website
Twin Lions Contracting Ltd.View Website
TwinCon Enterprises Ltd.View Website
TX Contracting Ltd.View Website
Tyler Mechanical Inc.
Tyler Sayer Building
Tytan Electric Inc.View Website
Ulko Contractors Ltd.View Website
Ultimate Tradesmen Ltd.View Website
Uncle Al’s Electric (Alan William Douglas)View Website
Unified Systems Inc.View Website
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