Builders Code Ramps Up Services Across Northern Region

Site Supers, Foremen, Union Business Managers newest beneficiaries of Builders Code supports   

PRINCE GEORGE, BC (August 20, 2019) – New Builders Code training for site supervisors, forepersons and union business managers on how best to deal with the perpetrators and targets of worksite bullying and harassment was announced today in Prince George, along with a new local Employer Advisor for the northern region. The training, which supports the construction personnel that work most closely with tradespeople on construction sites, was announced by Northern Regional Construction Association (NRCA) CEO Scott Bone.

The new Employer Advisor is human resources expert Diane Bourret, who has 20 years’ experience as a HR professional, certified professional coach, and training facilitator with organizations such as Canfor and the City of Prince George. In addition to HR consulting, her expertise includes recruitment and employee evaluation, as well as developing and facilitating training programs focused on team effectiveness and transformation leadership. Backed by the Builders Code team across BC, Diane will help northern construction employers and unions retain their tradespeople through a wide range of free advisory services including dispute resolution and mitigation.

The new Builders Code training will explore issues such as: the nature and impact of unacceptable worksite conduct; how to build and maintain an acceptable worksite culture; the role and responsibilities of worksite leaders; and how best to deal with complainants and the people they are reporting. The training will be invaluable for construction employers in the North, where the competition for skilled workers is fierce, the retention of first-year apprentices is challenging, and most employers are small companies lacking the HR expertise they need to define and promote an acceptable workplace culture. Among the many benefits employers will see are improved worker retention, safety, and productivity, and lower costs connected to employee turnover, worksite accidents, injury-related health care costs, legal actions, rehiring, and workforce productivity issues.

“On behalf of the Northern Regional Construction Association, we’re pleased to welcome Diane, whose experience, HR expertise and connections to the northern business and construction community are well known,” said Bone. “Our NRCA members benefitted greatly from the workshops for company owners, executives and HR managers, which is ongoing, so we’re very pleased that Diane will deliver the specialized training for leaders on the worksite as well.”

Among the construction companies in the North that are benefitting from the training and resources provided by the Builders Code is Prince George-based Westcana Electric.

“Westcana would like to thank the BC Construction Association, NRCA, and their partners for their interest in working towards more acceptable worksite behaviours on all job sites,” said Scott Sherba, President, Westcana Electric. “I believe Westcana has always been ahead of the curve when creating diversity, equality and inclusivity but the Builders Code program has shown us we can do more. Members of our team found the first phase of training respectful and informative and we look forward to next sessions. Here at Westcana we are determined to be part of the solution – building a better construction industry that works for everyone”

“A culture shift on construction worksites will help us attract and retain the tradespeople we need, particularly women,” added Bone. “In the North, we’ve already had more than 30 employers sign the Builders Code Acceptable Worksite Pledge.   Employers are recognizing the value of eliminating harassment, hazing or bullying and that these Builders Code tools are indispensable to achieve that.”

The Builders Code provides employers with a wide range of resources, including downloadable policies and posters, online and onsite training for personnel, employer advisors, employer scorecards and awards, and a crew training app (coming soon). Companies who use the Builders Code tools and training benefit from an increased capacity to address behaviour issues that affect safety and productivity and can use their training certification to promote their company and culture to potential employees, as well as clients. 

The training workshops were developed by experienced training providers in partnership with project partners including BCCA, the Industry Training Authority (ITA), WorkSafeBC, and the Minerva Foundation of BC, and are free during the pilot phase of the Builders Code. Registration for the workshops will be available through the NRCA.

“As the construction personnel that work most closely with tradespeople on B.C. worksites, site supervisors, forepersons and union business managers have a vital role to play in creating and maintaining a positive worksite culture and addressing any issues that may arise,” said Chris Atchison, President, BCCA. “Participating in these workshops will ensure they have the tools and training they need to not only resolve any issues in a positive manner but to ensure they don’t occur in the first place. I want to thank our regional partners for supporting the Builders Code and this valuable training, which will help us attract and retain the skilled people we need as our sector continues to thrive during this exciting period of growth.”

Builders Code Training Workshops (Northern Region)

Oct. 7       Prince George – Site supervisors, forepersons, union business managers
Oct. 22     Williams Lake – Corporate leaders, executives and HR personnel
Oct. 23     Williams Lake – Site supervisors, forepersons, union business managers
Oct. 30     Fort St. John – Corporate leaders, executives and HR personnel
Oct. 31     Fort St. John – Site supervisors, forepersons, union business managers


Industry Training Authority
“Each day, thousands of trades professionals across the province are contributing to our economy and growth.  We are proud to support inclusive, safe and healthy work environments by making sure everyone on a jobsite knows what’s expected and can work safely and productively.” – Shelley Gray, CEO, Industry Training Authority

Roofing Contractors Association of British Columbia
“The Roofing Contractors Association of British Columbia commends the BC Construction Association and its partners on working towards a more inclusive and diverse construction industry. In 1960, RCABC established its first roof Guarantee, offering a peace of mind and quality assurance to British Columbians. The Builders Code policies and guidelines will help our Association and member company employers offer the same assurances to their employees, increasing retention and growing our skilled workforce. We were proud to sign the Acceptable Worksite pledge.” – Bryan Wallner, CEO

Scott Construction
“Scott Construction is committed to being an industry leader for employee health and safety, particularly in the area of mental health. As an early adopter of the BC Builders Code, we can attest to the value of the resources available through this program and their effectiveness in the reduction of workplace bullying, hazing and harassment, as well as in the creation of safer, more inclusive work environments. Credit goes to the BC Construction Association and its industry partners for looking beyond the risk of physical injury and shining a bright light on the importance of mental health protection as well.” – Kellyann Williams, HR Manager.


The Builders Code is an initiative of the Construction Workforce Equity Project. Co-funded by the Ministry of Advanced Education, Skills and Training, with financial contributions from the BC Construction Association, WorkSafe BC, the Industry Training Authority, LNG Canada, the BCCA Employee Benefits Trust, and the BC Construction Safety Alliance, the Builders Code is also supported by the BC’s four Regional Construction Associations and the Minerva Foundation of BC. For more information about The Builders Code and our #dontbeatool campaign, visit us at: (website); @bcbuilderscode (Facebook) and @bcbuilderscode (Twitter).

About the Northern Regional Construction Association

The Northern Regional Construction Association vision is to help our members flourish and promote the construction industry in Northern BC. With over $62 billion dollars of 2019 capital construction in our region, NRCA is well positioned in partnership with BCCA to provide high-quality membership services through some key objectives, including: access to an effective bidding platform; connecting and engaging with others in the industry; providing high-quality training; advocating for best practices; speaking as one construction community voice in the region; and giving back to the community. For more information, visit us at (website), (Facebook) and LinkedIn.

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The British Columbia Construction Association (BCCA) works with four Regional Construction Associations (NRCA, SICA, VICA and VRCA) to serve more than 10,000 employers in the provinces industrial, commercial, institutional (ICI) construction industry. BCCA’s programs and services include employee benefits (BCCA Employee Benefits), technology tools for bid and project management (BidCentral), Employer services through the Builders Code, which strives to improve workplace culture, and employment programs (Skilled Trades Employment Program (STEP), Integrating Newcomers, LNG Canada Trades Training Fund, LNG Canada Connect). BCCA advocates on behalf of all employers to ensure British Columbia’s construction sector remains productive and resilient. For more information, visit us at (website), @ThisisBCCA (Facebook) and @thisisBCCA (Twitter).


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